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In 2010 my father organized a family trip to Andaman & Nicobar islands; Since he was temporarily posted there, he thought that might be the ripe time for us to visit. There were many good things that came out of that adventurous and thrilling trip, but the desire to capture the beauty of the creator stood out! I started with a sony point & shoot H55 that had 14 meg and 10x optical zoom. It was a graduation gift from my parents. There were no more film rolls to "waste" in the digital world (though battery was still an issue), and hence I clicked anything and everything that I had my eyes on. 99% of my clicks made no sense whatsoever, but still, i clicked them.

In the year 2012, I met Mr.AnandaPadmanaban. That's when I understood what photography is. Until then, I had the general idea that good pictures can only come out of expensive cameras which had a lot of "megapixels". He taught me otherwise, he said good pictures can come out of any camera, it could be a 2mp phone or 5mp point&shoot. The kit doesn't matter, but the technique matters! how well have we understood light? and how well have we composed it? Not only was he a great photographer, he was a great human being who inspired me in a lot other ways. He used to spend time with me to review all my clicks and corrected my blunders.

After a lot of trial & errors, I thought may be i should try to see how different is a modular camera / DSLR than a regular point & shoot. My generous friend Jai Praveen loaned his Nikon 3200 for the weekend trip to my native. It had the kit lens 18-50mm on it, with default settings which were all greek & latin to me. That's when i understood, DSLR's are heavy, we always need a bag to take it with us and with additional lenses comes additional weight!

Nevertheless, it was a good starting point, to get to know how a DSLR works. I would recommend the same to other first time buyers, which is to play with it before going for it. During 2013-2014 time frame Anand decided to sell his Nikon D90, and I bought it from him. That's how a new venture started. D90 & the lens he loaned me 50mm 1.8G were used for 90% of my pictures.

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